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1.   Dust your artworks regularly with use of dry, soft cloth or with big soft brush.

2.   Never remove the dust  by bumping or jerking the painting.

3.   Do not scrub or rub roughly to clean the painting.

4.   Never use chemical cleaning products or water to clean your artworks.

5.   Avoid placing live plants around paintings, since pests and insects can fly up from

      the plants and stain the oil painting.

6.   Store your paintings in a dry room.

7.   Keep moisture away. Avoid areas with high moisture or humidity like a damp basement,

      attic, bathroom, or kitchen. Damp areas could cause mold to grow on your art.

8.   Do not use glass when framing the oil painting.

9.   Maintain proper ventilation.

10. Do not touch the painting with bare hands.

11. Do not store painting as rolled in a tube.

12. Do not hang your painting over a direct heat source like a radiator, hot water pipes, fire,

      or in front of a bright sun-facing window, as this can damage your painting. Exposing

      your paintings to heat could create cracking and blistering.

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